August 19, 2010

Amanda's review :):)

Posted Jul 06 2010 9:09am
 I’ve had my earlobes pierced since I was seven years old. I’ve been rocking earrings for years in all sorts of styles! But, since I’ve become adventurous and got my cartilage pierced in my left ear, my right ear has felt pretty lonely. I wanted to find a way to dress it up without piercing the right one before the other one healed. That’s how I found Earlums , which are handcrafted ear wraps and cuffs that don’t require a piercing at all. Lumi, the talented creator of Earlums, handcrafts the jewelry with silver or gold wire and makes them into shapes and designs to follow the natural curve of our ears. They come in a variety of styles including the simple cuff, plain wrap, triple jewel wrap, plain wrap, and wrap with center jewel. You can choose your style, color of wire, and even what kind of stone or jewel you want on your Earlum! All you do to put them on is open the cuff part slightly, slide it onto your ear from the top until it gets to the middle of your ear, then you close the opening around your ear cartilage to where it’s comfortable and won’t come off. Now you have beautiful jewelry decorating your ear with no piercing needed!
 I tried a couple of the Earlums myself and fell in love instantly. They are easy to put on and take off (to take off, I simple slid it downward and it came off) and the design swirls from the top of my ear all the way to the hole in my earlobe. Other people ask “How many holes do you have in your ear?” because it gives the illusion of multiple holes but looks so elegant at the same time. The plain cuff is my favorite, as it looks like I have three holes in my cartilage and there are three simple rings going through. I love these things, you can wear them every day!

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