February 28, 2011


So your probably asking yourself what are earlums? I know because that's what I was thinking when I came across their site. Earlums are unique ear cuffs that slide onto the side of your ear (no piercing needed). They are so neat. Earlums would be perfect to wear on that special night out. These earlums are unique, sturdy, decently priced, and very fashionable. They are made to fit snug to any and every ear. The 3 earlums pictured are all different. Two are "full length". One is done in a golden wire with a unique (colored/shaped) beads, and the other is a silver (like) wire with clear beads. The last one is a smaller version in a silver (like) wiring, with a dusty looking diamond Jewel in the middle and 2 same colored beads on the sides. (You can see these earlums pictured) Each Earlum is in a gift box, and they would make perfect gifts for any lady.

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