February 23, 2010


Hello to all,

As many of you know , I have obtained a patent for my unique "Earlum" design. To get the patent I chose an online agency that was very professional,  quick and inexpensive, compared with  patent attorney fees.
Kevin Prince, Registered Patent Agent
QuickPatents, Inc.
1-800-399-0181 ext. 33 direct
1-800-399-0181 fax
 I highly recommend them for all your patent needs. 
I've obtained my patent in Dec. 09 and soon after that , I received , lots of offers from various agencies to license and market  my patent. I have read and studied all of them and after reading everything on their websites I have come to the conclusion that one of them was outstanding. 
After I've read their blog at:
The Presidio of San Francisco
PO Box 29150
San Francisco, CA 94129
Email: info@AmericaInvents.com
Phone: 866-36-INVENT (866-364-6836)
Fax: 866-503-1711
I've decided to give them a try, and sent them a quick e-mail requesting information.Within minutes I get a phone call  from their V.P.Kris F. Hudgens . He was awesome , polite and professional, asked me about my patent. I've told him about my website and as we were talking on the phone ,he was checking  out my Earlums on the web. Very disappointed he told me right away that this was a nice idea but this was not his company , category. He said that he knows someone that may be able to help me out and he will need a few days to check things out after that he'll call me back. To my surprise a few days later I get this email:
 Thanks for letting us review your Earlums.  Since this really isn’t our category, I am referring you to Joan Lefkowitz at Accessory Brainstorms.  She knows this category much better than we do.  I have copied her on this email.


I was so happy that he refereed me to the right type of people/agency to help me out. I've read everything on the net about Joan Lefkowitz and I tough hat I hit the jackpot. My hopes were so high , I can't even describe it. I've read this on one , of her articles :  
         “Be real for your client. No consultant is an island. If there is an area where your client would be better served by other experts more experienced in that niche, freely refer the inventor to experts whom you respect. Everyone will benefit.” I've agreed to that, and praised Kris Hudgens  for doing it.
I've waited almost a week from an answer back from Joan and when I finally got it, I wasn't happy at all.
This was her message :
 "Hi Lumi:
I reviewed your products with our sales manager and we personally loved them. However, we don’t think that they      are geared to our core customer which is mail order catalogues. We hope that they will sell well for you on line and in specialty stores.
Joan Lefkowitz
Accessory Brainstorms,Inc."
 That was it!  I would have appreciated a referral to someone else, or just her telling me that this invention is not going to make it for x,y and z, reasons.She is/was the GURU after all. 
Now, I have this blog and I will be happy to post everything about my experiences in regards to my Earlums
I am checking out different venues to license and market my Earlums and I will keep you posted as they develop.
Bye for now ,

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