July 25, 2010

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One of my favorite accessories is my Earlums ear jewelry that I am privileged to review. As soon as I saw these featured on someone else’s blog (I think it was Pajama Mommy) I immediately went to her Etsy site and blog to learn more about them. Earlums are beautiful ear cuffs and ear jewelry where no piercing is needed. This was especially of interest to me because years ago I had keloids removed from my ears and could no longer wear pierced earrings. The same thing, unfortunately, happened to my oldest daughter. When I contacted Lumi about reviewing them she generously said yes and sent them over straightaway.
They each arrived on the cute little cards, which explain Earlums on the back, and under each card was a “surprise” ear cuffs. She also sent a couple of temporary tattoos, which I am more than excited to test out. (Don’t ask.)
Red, which I’ve told you a hundred times, is my favorite color so I chose this one. The blue one has a center jewelry, which definitely adds a little extra accent. I love them both and will be stealing the blue one back from my daughter. I’ll let her keep the ear cuff (the one above left) that she chose.
The quality and details put into these little jewelry pieces makes wearing them more pleasurable. Although the braids close to my ears kept brushing it, Earlums is comfortable to wear. I had the one above on all day and forgot about it before the day was over.

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